Tobin Smith dark side

Da Thinkfn

Tobin Smith is a resident talkhead in Fox News Channel's Bull & Bear. He is also the man behind Changewave Alliance, a large group of investors.

Due to rising doubts regarding ZROS.OB – now VOYT.OB (the company basically "did not exist" and the Rocketstream tech being hyped had been around since 2003 ...), I decided to conduct a litte investigation. I already know that NEOM.OB and MOBL.OB were both financed by Cornell Capital Parners, so I was already a bit suspicious.

Well, after digging a little, I found this bit of information:

Tobin Smith Joins Emerge Capital as Chief Investment Officer and Board Member Emerge Capital Corp [/b](OTCBB:NUWV previously known as NuWave Technologies, Inc.) announces that Tobin Smith, Chairman of ChangeWave Research, has joined the company as Chief Investment Officer and a member of the Board of Directors. He has also received options to acquire fifteen percent of the common stock of Emerge Capital. - 2005-10-05

Afterwards, NUWV.OB became Turnaround Partners, Inc. (TRNP.OB) ... and what do you discover in a TNRP.OB 10-Q ?

"To date, a significant portion of our business has come from an institutional fund (Cornell Capital Partners) that invests primarily in micro-cap companies"

My bad, what a large coincidence this is. The SAME firm that financed two other worthless stocks he pumped is now giving him a job ... I guess if the SEC were to conduct their own investigation, something might well come out of it.


Incognitus, Think Finance